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Saint Clotilde

Clotilde and her four sons from the Grandes Chroniques de Saint Denis, Toulouse

Clotilde (574-545) is venerated as a saint due to her conversion of her husband, Clovis I, to Catholicism. Clovis I had been an Arian Christian. His conversion established the future Catholicism of France.

In vengeance for her father’s murder at the hands of relations in her homeland of Burgundy, Clotilde incited her sons to war against her cousin, Sigismund of Burgundy. The war led to the death of Clotilde’s eldest son Chlodomer.

Chlodomer’s sons who survived him might have been heirs and Clotilde fought to protect their rights, but Clotilde’s younger sons fought against her grandchildren. Two of Chlodomer’s sons, who were Clotilde’s grandsons, were killed by their uncles, Clotilde’s sons.

After such in-fighting and torment, Clotilde retreated from politics to focus on the building of churches. She died of natural causes in the Abbey of St Genevieve, which she and her husband Clovis had built together.